<many-to-many> define a many to may relationship

xml namespace


<many-to-many name="following" backref="followers" model="moya.auth#User"/>
name purpose type required? default choices
backlabel Short description of backref purpose, if used text No
backpicker Admin table to use as a picker control for the other side of the relationship element reference No
backref Back reference text No
help Additional help text for use in object forms text No
keys Foreign keys in association table comma list No
label Short description of field purpose text No
lazy Specifies how related items should be loaded text No
model Model text Yes
name Name of the relationship text Yes
options Objects to consider in admin forms database expression No
orderby Default order for admin forms text No "id"
picker Admin table to use as a picker control element reference No
search DB query referencing search field q database expression No
through Through model text No