<query> query the database

xml namespace

Query the database. Will return a query set object that may be iterated over by default, unless 'collect' is specified.


<!-- examples taken from Moya apps -->

<!-- Get a month worth of posts -->
<db:query model="#Post" dst="posts" orderby="-published_date"
    filter="#Post.published_date gte start and #Post.published_date lt start.next_month"/>

<!-- delete a user session -->
<db:query model="#Session" let:session_key=".request.cookies.authsession" action="delete"/>

<!-- get promoted topics in Moya Social Links -->
<db:query model="#Topic" filter="#Topic.promoted == yes" orderby="#Topic.title" dst="promoted_topics"/>
name purpose type required? default choices
action Action to perform on query text No count
collect Collect results? text No dict
collectkey Collect key if collect is True text No
columns Columns to return, if model is not specified database expression No
db Database text No "_default"
distinct Make query distinct (remove duplicates from results)? boolean No no
filter Filter expression database expression No
flat Flatten results in to a list? boolean No no
forupdate Issue a select FOR UPDATE? boolean No no
from Model app application reference No
groupby Group by column(s) comma list No
join Join expressions database expression No
maxresults Maximum number of items to return expression No None
model Model text No
orderby Order by comma list No
reverse Reverse order? expression No no
src Source query, if further query operations are required expression No None
start Start index expression No None
inherited attributes
name purpose type required? default choices
dst Destination reference No
if Conditional expression expression No yes
value Value expression No None