Moya Feedback

Moya Feedback creates a page to manage a feedback form. The user may enter their name, email addresses, subject and message; which Moya Feedback will send to an email address configured in settings.


A feedback form is a long standing convention for allowing your visitors to contact you, without using your email address directly. It is a good idea to have a feedback form on most sites.


The following settings are supported by Moya Feedback:

subject_prefix = <prefix>

This sets text that will prefix the subject entered by the users. The default is [feedback], so if the user sends a feedback mail regarding the site it could have a subject like [feedback] site problems.

email_to = <email address>

This is the email address where feedback should be sent.

email_from = <email address>

This is the from email that should be used in feedback emails. Note that, Moya Feedback puts the user's email address in the reply-to header, so you may respond to the user's feedback by hitting Reply on your email client.

Defining Subjects

The feedback form contains a select control with the possible subjects to use in the email. The default subjects are as follows:

General Feedback
Report Abuse
Technical Issue

You can change the subjects with a data tag called <subject>. Simply add one or more of these tags to replace the subject list in the form. Here's an example:

<feedback:subject text="General Feedback" />
<feedback:subject text="Compliments to the Chef" />
<feedback:subject text="Where is my order?" />
<feedback:subject text="I have been hospitalized by eating your fugu-shimi" />