Tag Index

This is a reference to tags in Moya. Some are always available, others may depend on a library import.


The following is a list of the XML namespaces used by Moya tags:

XML namespace Description

The default namespace used for most of Moya's tags.


Tags defined in the Moya Admin library.


Tags defined in Moya Auth library.


Tags defined in the Moya Blog library.


Tags defined in the Moya Comments library.


Tags used to work with databases.


Tags related to email.


Tags defined in feedbacMoya Feedback.


Tags defined in Moya Forms.


Tags for working with filesystems.


Tags for working with images.


Tags for creating JSON RPC interfaces.


Tags for defining links.


Tags defined in Moya Google Recaptcha.


Tags for processing HTML tags.


Tags used to create table content.


Tags to build unit tests.


Tags defined in the Moya Thumbnail library.


Widgets defined in Moya Widgets.


Tags to create a rich text editor with WYSIHTML5.

All Tags

The following is a list of all tags used by Moya:

Tag XML namespace Synopsis
<actions> http://moyaproject.com/forms mark a group of action buttons in a form
<adapt-field> http://moyaproject.com/forms adapt a field in a form
<add-choices> http://moyaproject.com/forms add choices to a select tag
<add-feed-item> http://moyaproject.com add an item to an RSS feed
<add-permission> http://moyaproject.com/auth add a permission to a group or user
<add-theme-style> http://moyaproject.com/widgets add theme style
<add-user-to-group> http://moyaproject.com/auth add a user to a group
<admin-only> http://moyaproject.com return a forbidden response if the user is not admin
<append> http://moyaproject.com append a value to a list
<apply> http://moyaproject.com/forms apply a form to an object
<apply-field> http://moyaproject.com/forms apply a form field
<arg> http://moyaproject.com add a positional argument to a command
<argument> http://moyaproject.com define an argument to a macro
<ask> http://moyaproject.com ask a yes / no question
<atomic> http://moyaproject.com/db mark a block as being atomic
<attempt> http://moyaproject.com repeat a block until it is successful
<attribute> http://moyaproject.com define an attribute in a custom tag
<bbcode> http://moyaproject.com add bbcode to content
<big-integer> http://moyaproject.com/db a field that stores a big integer
<bind> http://moyaproject.com/forms Add data to a form
<bool> http://moyaproject.com create a boolean
<boolean> http://moyaproject.com/db a field that is True or False
<breadcrumbs> http://moyaproject.com/widgets navigation breadcrumbs
<break> http://moyaproject.com end a loop prematurely
<breakpoint> http://moyaproject.com drop in to the debugger
<bulk-create> http://moyaproject.com/db bulk create database objects
<button> http://moyaproject.com/widgets render a simple button
<button-link> http://moyaproject.com/widgets render a link styled as a button
<buttons> http://moyaproject.com/widgets renders enclosed links as buttons
<cache-return> http://moyaproject.com cache returned values
<call> http://moyaproject.com invoke a macro
<call-element> http://moyaproject.com invoke a macro element
<case> http://moyaproject.com define a case in a switch
<case> http://moyaproject.com/test define a test case
<catch> http://moyaproject.com catch exceptions from the previous block
<cell> http://moyaproject.com/tables a cell in a table
<check> http://moyaproject.com/db check connection to the database
<check> http://moyaproject.com/recaptcha
<check> http://moyaproject.com/widgets render a check
<check-modified> http://moyaproject.com conditionally return a not modified response
<check-password> http://moyaproject.com/auth check a user password
<check-select> http://moyaproject.com/forms add a check select control to a form
<checkbox> http://moyaproject.com/forms add a checkbox to a form
<choice> http://moyaproject.com
<choices> http://moyaproject.com define choices
<choose> http://moyaproject.com choose a random value from a collection
<column> http://moyaproject.com/admin define a column in an admin view
<columns> http://moyaproject.com/tables define the columns in a table
<command> http://moyaproject.com define a command
<comments> http://moyaproject.com/comments enable comments
<commit> http://moyaproject.com/db commit the current transaction
<content> http://moyaproject.com define content
<continue> http://moyaproject.com skip remaining code in a loop
<copy> http://moyaproject.com copy a value
<copy> http://moyaproject.com/image create a copy of an image
<create> http://moyaproject.com/db create an object in the database
<crop> http://moyaproject.com/image crop an image
<css> http://moyaproject.com add a CSS to content
<danger> http://moyaproject.com/widgets danger alert
<data-tag> http://moyaproject.com define a data tag
<date> http://moyaproject.com/db a field that stores a date
<datetime> http://moyaproject.com create a date/time object
<datetime> http://moyaproject.com/db a field that stores a date and time
<debug> http://moyaproject.com execute debug code
<dec> http://moyaproject.com decrement a value
<decimal> http://moyaproject.com/db a fix precision number
<dedent> http://moyaproject.com remove common whitespace from a string
<default-case> http://moyaproject.com default case in a switch
<default-markup> http://moyaproject.com use default markup for missing values
<defer> http://moyaproject.com jump to another element
<delete> http://moyaproject.com/db delete from the database
<delete-all> http://moyaproject.com/db delete all objects in a table
<delete-cookie> http://moyaproject.com delete a cookie
<dialog> http://moyaproject.com/widgets container for dialog
<dialog-buttons> http://moyaproject.com/widgets container for dialog buttons
<dict> http://moyaproject.com create a dict object
<do> http://moyaproject.com repeat a block until a condition becomes true
<doc> http://moyaproject.com document a tag
<done> http://moyaproject.com return from a macro or callable without any data
<echo> http://moyaproject.com write text to the console
<editor> http://moyaproject.com/wysihtml5
<elif> http://moyaproject.com an <else> with a condition
<else> http://moyaproject.com execute a block if the previous <if> statement is false
<email> http://moyaproject.com/email define an email
<enum> http://moyaproject.com map numbers on to identifiers
<error> http://moyaproject.com/forms add an error message to a form
<error> http://moyaproject.com/jsonrpc return an rpc error
<error> http://moyaproject.com/widgets error alert
<exit> http://moyaproject.com exit the current command
<extend> http://moyaproject.com add values from one sequence to another
<extract> http://moyaproject.com/soup extract tags from HTML
<extract-attrs> http://moyaproject.com/soup extract attributes from HTML tags
<extract-data> http://moyaproject.com/soup extract HTML5 data attributes from HTML
<extract-list> http://moyaproject.com/soup extract a list of markup fragments from HTML
<fail> http://moyaproject.com/forms set a fail in a form validation
<fail> http://moyaproject.com/test fail a test case
<false> http://moyaproject.com create a False boolean
<feed> http://moyaproject.com create an RSS feed
<feed-link> http://moyaproject.com/widgets renders a link to a feed
<field> http://moyaproject.com/forms add a custom field to a form
<filter> http://moyaproject.com define a filter
<filter-seq> http://moyaproject.com filter values from a sequence
<find-element> http://moyaproject.com retrieve information regarding an element
<find-elements> http://moyaproject.com retrieve information regarding elements of a given type
<fire> http://moyaproject.com fire a signal
<float> http://moyaproject.com create a floating point value
<float> http://moyaproject.com/db a field that stores a floating point number
<for> http://moyaproject.com iterate over a sequence
<for-children> http://moyaproject.com iterate over the children of an element
<forbidden> http://moyaproject.com respond with a forbidden response
<foreign-key> http://moyaproject.com/db a key to another model
<form> http://moyaproject.com/forms begin a form definition
<generate> http://moyaproject.com/thumbnail generate thumbnails
<generic-key> http://moyaproject.com/db a generic foreign key
<get> http://moyaproject.com/db get an object in the database.
<get> http://moyaproject.com/email get an email object
<get> http://moyaproject.com/forms get a form
<get> http://moyaproject.com/links get advertised links
<get-children> http://moyaproject.com get an elements children
<get-column> http://moyaproject.com/db get a column from a model
<get-count> http://moyaproject.com/comments get number of comments
<get-counts> http://moyaproject.com/comments get comment counts
<get-data> http://moyaproject.com get data from custom data tags
<get-data-item> http://moyaproject.com get data from a single custom tag
<get-element> http://moyaproject.com get information about an element
<get-enum> http://moyaproject.com get an enumeration
<get-exist> http://moyaproject.com/db get an object in the database.
<get-fq-url> http://moyaproject.com get a fully qualified URL
<get-info> http://moyaproject.com/fs get an info object for a file
<get-locale> http://moyaproject.com get locale information
<get-markup-choices> http://moyaproject.com get supported markups
<get-markup-types> http://moyaproject.com get supported markups
<get-md5> http://moyaproject.com/fs get the md5 of a file
<get-one> http://moyaproject.com/db get precisely one matching object
<get-or-create> http://moyaproject.com/db get an object from the database, or create it if it doesn't exist.
<get-parent-element> http://moyaproject.com
<get-permissions> http://moyaproject.com/auth query user permissions
<get-recent> http://moyaproject.com/blog
<get-required> http://moyaproject.com/db get an object from the database, or return a 404 if it doesn't exist
<get-response> http://moyaproject.com/test get a test response
<get-size> http://moyaproject.com/fs get the size of a file
<get-size> http://moyaproject.com/image get the dimensions of an image
<get-syspath> http://moyaproject.com/fs get a system path
<get-tag-text> http://moyaproject.com get text from the parent tag
<get-timezone-groups> http://moyaproject.com get timezone choices
<get-timezones> http://moyaproject.com get common timezones
<get-url> http://moyaproject.com get a named URL
<get-user> http://moyaproject.com/auth get current user details
<group> http://moyaproject.com group a sequence by common keys
<group> http://moyaproject.com/forms render a group of form elements
<handle> http://moyaproject.com respond to a signal
<header> http://moyaproject.com/tables define a column header in a table
<hidden-input> http://moyaproject.com/forms add a hidden input value to a form
<highlight> http://moyaproject.com syntax highlight code
<html> http://moyaproject.com create raw html
<html> http://moyaproject.com/email add HTML to an email
<if> http://moyaproject.com execute block if a condition is true
<if-exists> http://moyaproject.com/db execute a block if an object exists in the database
<if-get> http://moyaproject.com exectute a block if this is a GET request
<if-not-exists> http://moyaproject.com/db executes a block of code if an object does not exist in the db
<if-post> http://moyaproject.com execute a block if this is a POST request
<import> http://moyaproject.com import a library
<inc> http://moyaproject.com increment a value
<include-css> http://moyaproject.com include CSS with content
<include-js> http://moyaproject.com include a JS file in content
<info> http://moyaproject.com/widgets info alert
<input> http://moyaproject.com ask the user for information in a command
<input> http://moyaproject.com/forms add an input to a form
<inspect> http://moyaproject.com inspect elements in the project
<inspect> http://moyaproject.com/db get model information
<install> http://moyaproject.com create an application from a library
<int> http://moyaproject.com create an integer
<integer> http://moyaproject.com/db a field that stores an integer
<interface> http://moyaproject.com/jsonrpc create an interface for remote methods
<js> http://moyaproject.com insert Javascript content
<json> http://moyaproject.com create data from JSON
<large-well> http://moyaproject.com/widgets render a large well
<let> http://moyaproject.com create variables from expressions
<let-parallel> http://moyaproject.com set values in parallel.
<let-str> http://moyaproject.com create string variables
<lines> http://moyaproject.com create a list from lines
<link> http://moyaproject.com link variables
<link> http://moyaproject.com/admin link to admin content
<link> http://moyaproject.com/links define a line
<link> http://moyaproject.com/widgets renders a link
<list> http://moyaproject.com create a list
<load-project> http://moyaproject.com/test load a project for testing
<log> http://moyaproject.com write information to the log
<log-debug> http://moyaproject.com write information to the log
<log-error> http://moyaproject.com write information to the log
<log-fatal> http://moyaproject.com write information to the log
<log-info> http://moyaproject.com write information to the log
<log-warn> http://moyaproject.com write information to the log
<login> http://moyaproject.com/auth log in a user with username/password
<login-user> http://moyaproject.com/auth log in a user
<logout> http://moyaproject.com/auth log out a user
<macro> http://moyaproject.com define a re-usable block of code
<make-token> http://moyaproject.com make an opaque token
<many-to-many> http://moyaproject.com/db define a many to may relationship
<map> http://moyaproject.com map an expression on to sequence
<map-dict> http://moyaproject.com generate a list of dictionaries
<markdown> http://moyaproject.com add markdown to content
<markup> http://moyaproject.com insert markup in to content
<markup-insert> http://moyaproject.com insert code from markup
<max> http://moyaproject.com get the maximum value in a sequence
<media-url> http://moyaproject.com get a URL to media
<method> http://moyaproject.com/jsonrpc define a remote method
<middleware> http://moyaproject.com add middleware to a mountpoint
<min> http://moyaproject.com get the minimum value in a sequence
<model> http://moyaproject.com/db define a database model
<module> http://moyaproject.com/admin define a module in the admin interface
<mount> http://moyaproject.com mount a library on a given URL
<mountpoint> http://moyaproject.com define a collection of url routes
<moya> http://moyaproject.com begin a Moya file
<new> http://moyaproject.com/image create a blank image
<new-permission> http://moyaproject.com/auth create a new permission
<new-query> http://moyaproject.com/db dynamically create a database query
<new-user> http://moyaproject.com/auth create a new user
<no-wrap> http://moyaproject.com/widgets set no wrap on contents
<node> http://moyaproject.com creates a template node in content
<none> http://moyaproject.com Create a value of None
<not-found> http://moyaproject.com serve a '404 not found' response
<now> http://moyaproject.com get the current date/time
<odict> http://moyaproject.com create a dict object
<one-to-one> http://moyaproject.com/db create a one to one relationship
<opt-group> http://moyaproject.com/forms add an optgroup to a select
<option> http://moyaproject.com Add an option to a command
<option> http://moyaproject.com/forms an option in a select control
<page> http://moyaproject.com get a page of results
<paginate> http://moyaproject.com/widgets paginate a list of results
<parameter> http://moyaproject.com/jsonrpc define an rpc parameter
<password> http://moyaproject.com/forms add a password field to a form
<pop> http://moyaproject.com remove a value from a dictionary
<preflight> http://moyaproject.com check initial settings
<process-markup> http://moyaproject.com markup text
<processor> http://moyaproject.com/thumbnail define a thumbnail processor
<profile-python> http://moyaproject.com profile python code
<progress> http://moyaproject.com render an ascii progress bar
<progress-msg> http://moyaproject.com set a progress message
<property> http://moyaproject.com/db add a property to a database object
<qualify-elementref> http://moyaproject.com create an element reference with an app/lib name
<query> http://moyaproject.com/db query the database
<radio> http://moyaproject.com/forms add a radio button to a field
<radio-group> http://moyaproject.com/forms add a radio group to a form
<read> http://moyaproject.com/image read an image from disk
<read-data> http://moyaproject.com read and process data
<recaptcha> http://moyaproject.com/recaptcha render a reCAPTCHA widget
<redirect> http://moyaproject.com redirect to a named URL
<redirect-to> http://moyaproject.com redirect to a new location
<relationship> http://moyaproject.com/db define a model relationship that creates a collection
<remove> http://moyaproject.com remove a value from a collection
<remove-file> http://moyaproject.com/fs delete a file
<render> http://moyaproject.com render an object in content
<render-all> http://moyaproject.com render a sequence of renderable objects
<render-content> http://moyaproject.com render content
<render-processor> http://moyaproject.com/thumbnail render a thumbnail for a given processor
<render-template> http://moyaproject.com render a template and store the result
<render-template-fs> http://moyaproject.com render a template in a filesystem
<repeat> http://moyaproject.com repeat a block
<request> http://moyaproject.com make an http request
<request> http://moyaproject.com/test make a mock request
<request-get> http://moyaproject.com make a get requests
<request-post> http://moyaproject.com make a post request
<require> http://moyaproject.com/test require an exception to be thrown in a test case
<reset> http://moyaproject.com/forms reset a form
<resize> http://moyaproject.com/image resize an image
<resize-canvas> http://moyaproject.com/image resize the image canvas
<resize-to-fit> http://moyaproject.com/image resize an image to fit within new dimensions
<resolve-template> http://moyaproject.com resolve a relative template path
<response> http://moyaproject.com create a response object
<return> http://moyaproject.com return data from a macro or other callable
<return-dict> http://moyaproject.com shortcut to return a dictionary
<return-false> http://moyaproject.com shortcut to return false
<return-scope> http://moyaproject.com return values from the current scope
<return-str> http://moyaproject.com shortcut to return a string
<return-true> http://moyaproject.com shortcut to return true
<rewrite> http://moyaproject.com serve response from a different named URL
<rewrite-to> http://moyaproject.com serve response from a different location
<roll-back> http://moyaproject.com/db roll back the current transactions
<row> http://moyaproject.com/tables define a row in a table
<rows> http://moyaproject.com/tables a collection of rows in a table
<scope> http://moyaproject.com create a temporary scope
<scope-node> http://moyaproject.com creates a template node using the current scope
<search-input> http://moyaproject.com/widgets
<section> http://moyaproject.com create a content section
<section-body> http://moyaproject.com add a 'body' content section
<section-content> http://moyaproject.com add a 'content' content section
<section-css> http://moyaproject.com add a 'css' content section
<section-footer> http://moyaproject.com add a 'footer' content section
<section-head> http://moyaproject.com add a 'head' content section
<section-includecss> http://moyaproject.com add a 'includecss' content section
<section-includejs> http://moyaproject.com add a 'includejs' content section
<section-js> http://moyaproject.com add a 'js' content section
<section-jsfoot> http://moyaproject.com add a 'jsfoot' content section
<select> http://moyaproject.com/forms add a select box to a form
<send> http://moyaproject.com/email send an email
<serve> http://moyaproject.com serve a response object
<serve-content> http://moyaproject.com render and serve content
<serve-file> http://moyaproject.com serve a file
<serve-json> http://moyaproject.com serve an object as JSON
<serve-template> http://moyaproject.com render and serve a template
<serve-template-fs> http://moyaproject.com render and serve a template in a filesystem
<serve-xml> http://moyaproject.com serve xml
<server> http://moyaproject.com define a server
<set> http://moyaproject.com create a set object
<set-contents> http://moyaproject.com/fs write data to a file
<set-cookie> http://moyaproject.com set a cookie
<set-header> http://moyaproject.com add additional headers
<set-item> http://moyaproject.com set an indexed value on a collection
<set-language> http://moyaproject.com set the current language
<set-locale> http://moyaproject.com switch the current locale
<set-password> http://moyaproject.com/auth set a user's password
<set-up> http://moyaproject.com/test setup code for a test suite
<show> http://moyaproject.com/image show an image
<show-code> http://moyaproject.com/widgets render contents as code
<signature> http://moyaproject.com define the attributes / arguments to a tag / macro
<sleep> http://moyaproject.com wait for while
<slice> http://moyaproject.com get a 'slice' of a collection
<small-integer> http://moyaproject.com/db a field that stores a small integer
<small-well> http://moyaproject.com/widgets render a small well
<sort> http://moyaproject.com sort a sequence
<sort> http://moyaproject.com/db sort a query set
<sort-header> http://moyaproject.com/tables define a sortable header column in a table
<sort-map> http://moyaproject.com/db sort a query set dynamically
<sql> http://moyaproject.com/db execute raw sql
<square> http://moyaproject.com/image square crop an image
<str> http://moyaproject.com create a string
<strain> http://moyaproject.com/soup modify HTML with CSS selectors
<string> http://moyaproject.com/db a field that stores a string of characters
<string-map> http://moyaproject.com/db a field that stores a mapping of keys and strings
<subject> http://moyaproject.com/feedback set subject option in feedback form
<submit-button> http://moyaproject.com/forms add a submit button in a form
<success> http://moyaproject.com/widgets success alert
<suite> http://moyaproject.com/test define a suite of test cases
<sum> http://moyaproject.com sums a sequence of values
<summary> http://moyaproject.com/blog a summary of recent posts
<switch> http://moyaproject.com jump to matching case
<system-call> http://moyaproject.com run a system command
<tab> http://moyaproject.com/widgets individial tab
<tab-panel> http://moyaproject.com/widgets tab panel container
<table> http://moyaproject.com/admin define a table view in the admin interface
<table> http://moyaproject.com/tables add a table to content
<tag> http://moyaproject.com define a custom tag
<tear-down> http://moyaproject.com/test tear down (finalize) code for a test suite
<text> http://moyaproject.com/db a field that stores arbitrary length text
<text> http://moyaproject.com/email add text to an email
<text-area> http://moyaproject.com/forms add a textarea to a form
<thread> http://moyaproject.com run a thread
<throw> http://moyaproject.com throw an exception
<thumbnails> http://moyaproject.com/thumbnail a container for thumbnail processors
<time-span> http://moyaproject.com create a timespan object
<timer> http://moyaproject.com time a block of code
<timezone> http://moyaproject.com/db a field that stores a timezone
<title> http://moyaproject.com set content title
<token> http://moyaproject.com/db create a randomly generated token in the database
<transaction> http://moyaproject.com/db commit changes to the database
<true> http://moyaproject.com create a True boolean
<try> http://moyaproject.com detect exceptions within a block
<unique-together> http://moyaproject.com/db require combinations of fields to be unique
<update> http://moyaproject.com add new values to a dictionary
<update> http://moyaproject.com/db update fields in a query
<upload> http://moyaproject.com/db a field to store the path of an uploaded file
<upload> http://moyaproject.com/forms add a file upload to a form
<upload-file> http://moyaproject.com/admin
<url> http://moyaproject.com add a url to a mountpoint
<url> http://moyaproject.com/widgets renders a hyperlinked URL
<uuid> http://moyaproject.com/db create a UUID in the database
<validate> http://moyaproject.com/forms validate a form
<validate-field> http://moyaproject.com/forms validate a field in a form
<validate-post> http://moyaproject.com/forms validate a form for post requests
<value> http://moyaproject.com a value in an enumeration
<var> http://moyaproject.com create a value
<verify> http://moyaproject.com/recaptcha verify a recaptcha response
<view> http://moyaproject.com define a view to handle a URL
<wait-on-threads> http://moyaproject.com wait threads to complete
<walk> http://moyaproject.com/fs go through the files in a directory
<warning> http://moyaproject.com/widgets warning alert
<well> http://moyaproject.com/widgets render a well
<while> http://moyaproject.com repeat a block while a condition is true
<widget> http://moyaproject.com create a re-uasable widget
<widget-yield> http://moyaproject.com yield to code block in a widget
<with> http://moyaproject.com create a new data scope
<wrap-tag> http://moyaproject.com wrap a string in a HTML tag
<write> http://moyaproject.com/image write an image to disk
<yield> http://moyaproject.com yield to code block
<zoom-to-fit> http://moyaproject.com/image resize an image to fit in new dimensions, with cropping