The moya command line tools loads the file .moyarc from your home directory. It can be used to configure defaults and behaviour for subcommands.


The following is a list of sections in .moyarc:


This section is primary used by the moya start command which use these values, if not supplied.

name = <YOUR NAME>

The name of the library author.

url = <URL>

The author's URL (e.g. a blog or homepage)

organization = <ORGANIZATION NAME>

The name of the author's organization. If you don't have a particular organization, you can enter your own name here.


The author's email address.


Contains default values for the command line.


The INI file to read when running subcommands. The default is to read settings.ini if this value is not supplied.

On a production server, you might want to set the following:

ini = production.ini

This will load production settings by default.

A common pattern with Moya is to have a file called local.ini which contains settings local to the server (such as db settings). These would not be checked in to source control. You can tell Moya to load local.ini if it exits, or production.ini if it doesn't, by specifying both filenames as follows:

ini = local.ini

You can set as many filenames as you wish–Moya will try each one in turn.