Moya Pages

Moya Pages is a very simple content management system that creates user editable pages. Pages may have a title, and rich text content.


Moya Pages is built in to Moya and may be imported as follows:

<import py="moya.libs.pages" />

Moya Pages is typically mounted on / as follows:

<install name="pages" lib="moya.pages" mount="/" />


Moya Pages is used to create a simple page of content consisting of a title and rich text. A slug under the mount point identifies the page in the database. If there is no such page in the database, Moya will continue to process other application URLs.

This library is typically used to create standard pages such as /about/ and /contact/.


The following is a list of the settings in Moya Pages:

autocreate = <LIST OF PAGES>

This setting should be a list of page slugs which should be auto-created when you visit the associate url. The default auto-created pages are as follows:

autocreate = about

comments = <yes/no>

Set to yes to enable comments on pages, or no to disable them.