<command> define a command

xml namespace

Defines a command accessible from the command line. To invoke a command enter its full app name after 'moya'. For example:

$ moya testapp#cmd.hello World
Hello, World!

You can also get a list of available commands for an application, by supplying the app name followed by #. For example:

$ moya testapp#

See Commands for more information.


<command libname="cmd.hello" sypopsis="Greet someone on the commandline">
        <arg name="who" help="Who you want to greet">
    <echo>Hello, ${who}!</echo>
name purpose type required? default choices
init Run this command as part of the init process? boolean No no
priority Priority for init process (higher piority commands will be run first) integer No 0
synopsis Command synopsis, displayed when you list commands text No