Moya Blog

Moya Blog is a simple blogging application, which is also very useful for implementing a site news features.


The Moya Blog library is built in to Moya and may be imported via its Python path as follows:

<import py="moya.libs.forms"/>

The library may be installed as follows:

<install name="blog" lib="" mount="/blog/"/>

This mounts the blog on /blog/. Depending on what you will be using it for, you may want to mount it on /news/ – whatever is appropriate.


Moya Blog uses the XML namespace


Moya Blog supports the following settings:

name = <blog name>

This sets the name of the blog, which is displayed in the title bar. The default is Moya Blog, which you will likely want to change.

page_size = <number of items>

This sets the number of items shown in index pages. The default is 10.


You may find the <summary> widget useful in other parts of your site. It renders a summary of the most recent blogs posts. You could display this in a side-bar on the front page, for example.