Moya Bootstrap

Moya Bootstrap is a media-only library which contains the Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework.

NOTE The long name of this library (moya.twitter.bootstrap) reflects the fact that although it was packaged in Moya, the author is Twitter.


You may import Moya Twitter Bootstrap with the following:

<import py="moya.libs.bootstrap" />

And you can install it with:

<install name="bootstrap" lib="moya.twitter.bootstrap" />

This library has no views, and does not need to be mounted.


The Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework is the most popular HTML, CSS and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

Moya uses Bootstrap in its built in libraries, since without a CSS framework, your newly created site would be aesthetically challenged. One advantage of Bootstrap is that it is easy to customize, and there are many drop-in themes available.

NOTE Moya doesn't require Bootstrap. It's just used to give you a head start with designing stylesheets.


Moya Bootstrap provides a number of media files, which you can list with the following command:

$ moya fs media --tree bootstrap-media

The simplest way to include the Bootstrap CSS would be to add it to your base template:

<link href="{% media 'css/bootstrap.css' from 'twitter.bootstrap' %}" rel="stylesheet">

If you built a Moya project with moya.start, the CSS will have been included for you in the base template. The following command will display the base template in the terminal:

$ moya fs templates --cat moya.twitter.bootstrap/starter.html