<select> add a select box to a form

xml namespace

Add a select input to a form.

name purpose type required? default choices
choices Possible choices expression No None
class Extra class for select text No "input-medium"
fieldname Field name text No "select"
multiple Multiple select? text No
inherited attributes
name purpose type required? default choices
adapt Function to adapt field before applying function No value
disabled Disabled control? boolean No no
dst Destination object index text No
help Help text text No
hidelabel Hide label? boolean No no
if Conditional expression expression No yes
initial Initial value expression No None
inlinehelp Help text text No
label Label text No
maxlength Maximum length text No
name Field name text No
process Function to process src in to a string function No str:value
required Is a value required for this field? boolean No
src Source object index text No
style Override style text No
template Template template path No
upload Contains a file upload field? boolean No no
visible Visible? boolean No yes